Beware the ides of March?

Ides of March? Satanic figures tempting would-be-New Twain cover - digitalfamous authors on a Nicaraguan jungle river trip filled with sharks, gators & other dangers to both their souls and human history? What could go wrong?

Throw caution to the wind and join me on the journey. Grab a copy of Mark Twain & The River of Timeless Temptation – now on pre-sale til March 15 in digital form.

In 1866 a young Mark Twain went on his first international trip, crossing Central America through Nicaragua on a popular route used by 49ers and others before the Panama Canal construction. His real-life travelogues included a mysterious companion named Mr. Brown. But what Clemens didn’t describe was Brown’s satanic purpose in taking them on a journey back in time, meeting other famous and local travelers in the Rio San Juan area including Cornelius Vanderbilt, future Lord Nelson, pirate Henry Morgan and even Christopher Columbus. Gathering experiences and story ideas, the future-great-author also has opportunities to disrupt the narrative of time. Will Sammy trade his soul for fame & fortune? Or will he rewrite history forever?

Mark_Twain__The_Riv_Cover_for_KindleFind out here:… Hopefully soon in print and possibly audio!



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